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The following is a link to an article on the off label uses of psychiatric medications.  It is directed towards an audience of forensic experts but does give a good background in some recent changes in prescribing practices.

Off Label Article

The following is an article on how inappropriate drug prescriptions are wasting millions in medicaid dollars and unnecessarily risking the health of the patients.

Science Daily Article

The following is an article from Johns Hopkins about a study showing that one particular gene seems to be associated with the symptom of delusions.  It also gives a summary of the problems with trying to find the genetic causes of schizophrenia.

JH Article

The following is an article from BP magazine on the subject of the high mortality that is associated with Bipolar Disorder.  It also discusses some of the reasons why the rate is so high.

BP Mortality Article

The following is an article from BP Magazine on the Treatment Emergent Mania And Antidepressants.  For those who aren’t familiar with it this magazine is a quarterly publication that I highly recommend.  A single subscription costs about $20 per year and bulk rates are also available. 

BP Article

Internet Program Helps Prevent Depression In Teens; following is the link to the story on a recent research project.

Project Article

The following is an article on conditions in Florida’s Miami-Dade county jail and the general problem with mentally ill inmates in Florida.  There is also a short video showing the notorious ninth floor of the jail with some comments from people on conditions there.  Please remember that this video could not show the true horror of conditions there. 


It appears that taking any antipsychotic whether typical or atypical increases the risk of sudden cardiac death.


following is an article on antipsychotics used in treating children.  It is very informative on the subject of old versus new antipsychotics.  As is becoming very clear all antipsychotics have drawbacks and there is no good answer to the question of which antipsychotic will be best for a given child.

Brain imaging scans showing the differences in default network activity in schizophrenics versus controls and first degree relatives of schizophrenics.



Quetiapine XR was shown to help in schizophrenics with depression in this study.  They were switched to it from other antipsychotics.  Two caveats are important to note in this study.  The write up does not indicate what the previous antipsychotic was.   Also this study was funded by the pharmaceutical company that makes Quetiapine XR also known as Seroquel.   Click Here to view article.

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