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  1. Thanks for this. I look forward to seeing some of the comments and suggestions.

  2. Briefly sharing my thoughts: A couple of decades ago I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 23. Fortunately, being from a rather affluent family, I got the medication I needed and was much later able to return to work full-time and to society. Well, before I went on the medication for my condition my family took care of me, and as the medication took its affect I had very, very few memories while I had the illness. However, as I began to function normally again around 1999, I recall one very surreal memory. In 1996 while having schizophrenia I landed up in a shelter or Rescue Mission in another state, when sitting in the lobby of that shelter with other “trouble people,” outside the window in the distance was a four-story old brick building with a commercial sign on the top of it, just simply letters of the alphabet spelling something. Well, I do not know how, and this must had divine roots, the same distinct sign on that roof, I dreamt about or remember as a child probably when I was five-years-old. I had never seen this sign before except as a mental image in my mind, but I remember it as a child. This is too incredible! Where did this come from?
    Deja Vu? I will never be able to explain it, and I could explain almost anything as a Philosophy student taught by Ivy-League professors in college.
    LASTY, could a qualified professional – psychologist, psychologist – confirm if the illness I had typically leaves schizophrenia patients with little memories. Me, I had only about 25 memories over a five-year period with the illness reflecting back. My inexplicably innate strong consciousness did not register experiences that I could reflect back on as memories…no day-to-day or everyday thoughts with the illness. Scary. What happened?..Additional thoughts are greatly appreciated on lack of memory or how memory is affected while having schizophrenia. …HOW SCHIZOPHRENIA GREATLY AFFECTS REALITY PERCEPTION .

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