Revising Blue Books

Hello fellow SA members:

Our Blue Book revision task force has completed most of their work. The changes that took place concerned grammar, usage and typos.  We are now faced with another hurdle. The Blue Book Cover art work many of us feel needs a fresh look as well. So we are having a contest for the best design.

You can either e-mail your work to:

Or fax me at (203) 736-6359.

All entrees must be in by April 15, 2009 and no later.

The task force is looking for new personal stories to be included in the revised edition. They must not be longer than one side of one page in the Blue Book. Again we will utilize the above cut-off date with the corresponding contact information.

Last but not least, SA needs Group Leader Liaisons. If you have  over one year acting as a Group Leader  you may be able to qualify. Liaisons keep in touch with other group leaders and help look for solutions to various situations. For more information contact or

As always,

Jim C.

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