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  • Following is a link to the study write up on the British Cutlass study.  This study came out in 2006 shortly after the CATIE study funded by the US.  It also (as in the CATIE study) found that new antipsychotics were not any better at treating schizophrenia than old antipsychotics.  While the CATIE study got a lot of press here in the US the Cutlass study did not.  I happened across this link to the Cutlass study tonight and thought others might be interested in it.  I had not previously seen the actual write up on the Cutlass study.  It is interesting to note that the British researchers expected to see a significantly better outcome with new antipsychotics than old antipsychotics.

Results Of British Study Of Old Antipsychotics Versus New Antipsychotics

  • Following is an article on the life of R. D. Laing.  He was a prominent psychiatrist in the 1960’s and is still a favorite reference for antipsychiatrists.   The article is interesting reading and is an important contribution to the history of psychiatry.  The article is somewhat lengthy.

The Life Of R. D. Laing

  • Following is a short article on what is sometimes a serious problem with support groups on the internet.  My favorite web site is currently dealing with what seems to be a case of this.  One of the posters on that site sent me this URL on the problem.

Munchausen By Internet: Faking Illness Online


  • Following article is on how some mental health professionals incorporate yoga into their sessions.  It comes from Time Magazine.

Psychotherapy Goes From The Couch To The Yoga Mat

  • The following article gives a brief look at some of the issues and legal implications of off-label prescriptions.  This article comes from Psychiatric Times.  Off-Label prescriptions are particularly common in psychiatry.  This article is recommended reading for psychiatrists.

Off-Label Prescribing Issues And Legal Concerns For Prescribers

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