Articles of Interest continued…

  • Following is an article discussing recent research on comorbid OCD and schizophrenia.  It comes from Psychiatric Times and is somewhat technical.

Comorbidity:  Schizophrenia And OCD

  • Below is a link to a news article on a study showing that mothers who took valproate during their pregnancy had children with lower IQ.  Valproate is better known as Depakote.  It is an epilepsy medication also used as a mood stabilizer in psychiatric patients.

Children Born To Women Taking Valproate Have Lower IQ

  • Some new research from Vanderbilt holds promise.

Possible New Treatment For Cognitive Deficits In Schizophrenia

  • Some new insights into how lithium works to control bipolar.

Lithium And The Brain

  • Following is an article from the New York Times on combating stigma.  The author puts a slightly different twist on how to overcome stigma than the usual methods. 

A Different Look At Fighting Stigma

  • Following is the article:

Inducing Gamma Brain Waves In Mice To Study Brain Functions

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