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  • Following is a good article on the latest news from epigenetic research.  Epigenetics is the developing science of how genes are expressed.  It also explains why identical twins are not exactly identical.  This is a long article but very informative.  Note the picture of two genetically identical mice who look entirely different due to epigenetics.

Good Look At Latest Research On Epigenetics


  • Following is an interesting article on new genetics research. 

Altered Gene Increases Risk Of Schizophrenia

Altered Genes Risk 

  • Following is an article on mapping the connections between nerve cells in the brain.

Mapping The Neural Circuitry In The Brain

  • Following is a recent article on the subject but note that there are still no clear answers to treatment of Bipolar Patients with Antidepressants.

When To Avoid Antidepressants In Bipolar Patients

  • Following is an article on recent research in genetics.  It turns out the mapping of the human genome project may not have been an accurate depiction of our genetics.

How Genetically Different Are We From Each Other?



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