Blood Test For Schizophrenia Could Be Ready This Year

This article is breaking and important news.  Sabine Bahn the British researcher who developed the test has been working on this test and been featured in news article for some time.  The partner who is commercializing the test is Rules Based Medicine.  They have recently been hiring high level executives from pharmaceutical companies with expertise in marketing to market this product.  Rules Based Medicine is also in the midst of becoming a publicly traded company and issuing stock to raise money for this and other bio marker tests they are working on.  Although this article mentions only schizophrenia they are also working on one for Bipolar as well.

Medical News Today

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Many Doctors Basically Ignored FDA Warning

The following is a link to a study on how well doctors followed up on an FDA warning about monitoring patients for side effects of atypical antipsychotics.  It found that little changed in treatment practices after the warning was issued.

Science Daily

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The Wrong Story About Depression

Below is a follow up article from the New York Times about last weeks big news story that antidepressants are not effective for mild depression.  It notes that there is a lot more to the story than was covered by the news media last week.

New York Times

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Antidepressants Work For Severe, Not Mild, Depression

The following is an article from the Wall Street Journal about antidepressants.
Wall Street Journal

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The Brain’s Glue — How It Affects Brain Function

The following is a link to a New Hampshire Public Radio program on brain cells known as glia or the brain’s glue.

These cells represent about 85% of the tissue in the brain and recent research has shown they have a significant role in brain function.  The program mentions briefly impacts on dementia, alzheimers, schizophrenia, depression, and addiction.  To listen to the program click on one of the links after listen at the upper left of the web page.  The program lasts approximately 10 minutes.

New Hampshire Public Radio

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Psychiatric Polypharmacy Continues To Grow

The following links to an article about a study of prescribing practices by psychiatrists.  It shows that Polypharmacy (using combinations of medications) is growing significantly for treatment of depression.  The article also expresses concern that there is no evidence base to support this.

MedPage Today

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Genetic Studies Offer Clues About Addiction Risks And Treatments

A summary of what recent research has shown about the genetics of addiction.

Genome Web
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Atypical Antipsychotics Increase Cardiometabolic Risk In Children

The latest study about the effects of atypical antipsychotics in children.  This article comes from Psychiatric Times.

Psychiatric Times

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Most Antidepressants Miss Key Target Of Clinical Depression

The following is  a news article about a new study on depression and how the brain works.  According to it most antidepressants do not affect one of the key targets for treating depression.

Science Daily

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FDA Approves New Long Acting Injectible Antipsychotic

The FDA has approved a new long acting injection of the antipsychotic Zyprexa.  The following article tells about the treatment protocol that must be used when using this product.  Many critics feel that this protocol is such that this treatment is practically unusable.

Medical News

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