Metabolic Abnormalities With Antipsychotics: A Management Update

Hello. This is Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman of Columbia University [New York, NY] talking to you for Medscape. Today I would like to address the topic of drug-induced weight gain and metabolic disturbances, specifically as they relate to antipsychotic drugs.

It is well known that psychotropic drugs, in general — and antipsychotic drugs, in particular — have as one of their side-effect liabilities the potential to cause weight increase and disturbances in metabolic parameters, particularly involving glucose and lipid metabolism. These are not part and partial to the same phenomenon — the same pathophysiologic effect — but seem to be overlapping effects. We don’t understand, at this point, the reason why psychotropic drugs — and particularly antipsychotic drugs — do this, and we don’t know the way in which the potential to cause weight gain vs hyperglycemia vs hyperlipidemia relates to each other. This remains to be understood, but we do know that these occur, and often co-occur together…..

By Jeffrey A Lieberman, MD

Submitted by Anna

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