Alternate-Day Antipsychotic Maintenance Dosing Shown Adequate

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Sep 28 – The widely held view that maintenance treatment of stabilized patients with schizophrenia must be administered every day seems to be refuted by a new Canadian study. The researchers found that patients taking antipsychotic meds every other day were no more likely to relapse than those on a daily dosing schedule.

“The findings of the present investigation speak to several issues,” Dr. Gary Remington explained in response to emailed questions. “The first relates to the long-standing notion that antipsychotics must be administered continuously to maintain response.”

“We know D2 blockade is central to antipsychotic response, although more recent findings suggest that sustained blockade is not required,” he continued. “In fact, there is evidence that continuous blockade may be linked to behavioral tolerance and possibly decreased efficacy, as well as increased risk of certain side effects (e.g. tardive dyskinesia). Thus, there may actually be advantages to a strategy such as extended dosing over and above decreased antipsychotic exposure and economic savings.”

Reported by Bob Saunders
Reuters Health Information

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