Fish Oil to Fend Off Psychosis: New Evidence

Mental healthcare providers continue to struggle with an inadequacy of treatment options for the most serious psychiatric illnesses, including schizophrenia and related psychotic disorders. Although diverse psychosocial treatments (eg, assertive community treatment, cognitive-behavioral therapy, cognitive remediation, family interventions, integrated substance abuse treatment, psychoeducation, social skills training, supported employment) are clearly beneficial in key outcome domains, diverse symptoms, and disabling psychosocial impairment continue to stand in the way of adequate remission and recovery for many affected individuals. While the armamentarium of antipsychotic agents is expanding, pharmacologic treatments for symptom clusters outside of the positive symptom domain (eg, negative symptoms, disorganization or formal thought disorder, neurocognitive deficits) remain largely elusive. Given the need for more effective treatments, the potential for symptom amelioration through dietary modification or dietary supplements represents an enticing possible treatment modality.

Along these lines, recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the possibility that polyunsaturated fatty acids, some of which feature prominently in fish oils, may be beneficial for psychiatric disorders……

Reported by Michael T. Compton, MD, MPH
Medscape Psychiatry & Mental Health

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