Announcing New NIMH Statistics Resource

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is pleased to announce the
launch of its new statistics section on the web:

This resource represents the best mental health research information from
across the Department of Health and Human Services and other federal
departments, and places it all within an easy-to-navigate format. It is a
vast expansion from NIMH’s previous statistics pages and includes
information on the prevalence of mental disorders and treatment, mental
health-related disability, suicide, and the economic costs associated with
mental illness.

This new section is very much a living resource. It will continue to be
updated regularly as new mental health data from across the federal
government are reported and its format will continue to evolve in order to
ensure the most straightforward usability and clearest presentation of
information. We encourage you to explore this resource, to share it with
your affiliates and members, and to provide us with feedback about what
works and what else might be included or changed. Your thoughts and
feedback may be sent to

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