DSM-V, Healthcare Reform Will Fuel Major Changes in Addiction Psychiatry

Revision of the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA’s) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (Fifth Edition) (DSM-V) is inching its way toward completion, with the final version due in 2013. Healthcare reforms are also set to take effect in the next couple of years. The confluence of those major events is likely to produce significant changes in all areas of psychiatry, researchers announced here.

Changes in addiction psychiatry, in particular, are predicted, attendees at this year’s annual meeting of the American Association of Addition Psychiatry 21st Annual Meeting & Symposium heard here in a detailed session this morning. One of the most important of those is the elimination of “substance abuse and dependence,” to be replaced with “addictions and related disorders……”

Reported by Steven Fox
Medscape Medical News

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