Serious Neuropsychiatric Diseases Can Be Tackled Through An Innovative, Accelerated, Collaborative Effort (Video from One MInd for Research Symposium)

Serious neuropsychiatric diseases are among the most devastating illnesses affecting mankind. Nevertheless, while staggering advances are being made in the field of neuroscience as a whole, scientific expertise is scattered and the approach to research is fragmented. Our knowledge base and data are largely siloed, and incentives for research and collaboration are lacking. In addition, federal and industry support for funding brain research is declining, leading to fewer new experimental treatments. This presentation describes a plan to expand the boundaries of science. By sharing data and knowledge platforms, individual researchers and organizations can make groundbreaking advances. This would entail developing a major private-public partnership that will include universities, government, advocacy groups, industry, and private citizens. Much is at stake in terms of human capital, for as a society, we have a moral imperative to break through current barriers to smash stigma, develop better treatments, and ultimately cure brain disorders.

Husseini Manji is the Global Therapeutic Area Head of Neuroscience at Johnson and Johnson Pharmaceuticals.

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