New human imaging data support the neuroprotective effects of Allon’s davunetide

Allon Therapeutics Inc. announced new findings that 12 weeks of treatment with the Company’s lead product davunetide appears to prevent cortical thinning of important parts of the brains of schizophrenia patients.

Dr. Bruce Morimoto, Allon’s Vice-President of Drug Development, said “the new data are consistent with the neuroprotective effect we have seen with davunetide including our other human trials and provide further confirmation of the strategy behind our ongoing Phase 2/3 pivotal study in progressive supranuclear palsy.”

Dr. Morimoto said the new data emerged from the ongoing analysis of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data by a group of scientists and physicians led by Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia University School of Physicians and Surgeons, and Director of the New York Psychiatric Institute.

“The new data showed that in the 23 patient study the thickness of the cortex in specific regions of the brain decreased in the eight schizophrenia patients given placebo, whereas it did not change in the 15 patients treated with davunetide.” The cortex is tissue in the human brain made up of neuronal cell bodies. “While these data come from a small exploratory study, they suggest that davunetide treatment prevents the cortical thinning observed in schizophrenia”, Morimoto added….


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