SAMHSA Launches Health Insurance Enrollment Webpage

SAMHSA’s new health insurance enrollment webpage.  Whether you are looking for a place to find information about insurance coverage or are researching what other States are doing to improve enrollment processes, the SAMHSA health insurance enrollment webpage has launched to help connect you to that information.  On the page you will find a number of resources including:

  • The opportunity to find coverage through’s insurance finder;
  • Current health insurance options, such as Medicaid, CHIP and the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan;
  • Health insurance options available starting January 1, 2014, including expanded Medicaid eligibility and coverage through the Affordable Insurance Exchanges;
  • Information about priority populations, such as young adults and individuals who have difficulty sustaining health insurance coverage, both of which have disproportionally high behavioral health needs;
  • Provider specific information, such as webinars, fact sheets, and business operations resources; and
  • State specific information, such as State level behavioral health prevalence data, webinars, online eligibility applications, and information on SAMHSA specific projects like the Bringing Recovery Supports to Scale Technical Assistance Center Strategy – Health Reform Education program.

The SAMHSA enrollment webpage can be found at

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