50 Years of Data Confirms Benefit of Antipsychotics

While the names and types of antipsychotics have changed in the past 50 years, there appears to be a constant: they help.

Examining old and new varieties of antipsychotic drugs, a meta-analysis of studies conducted around the world showed that the risk of relapse for individuals living with schizophrenia taking antipsychotic drugs decreased. Relapse, the worsening of symptoms after a period of improvement, is a common occurrence in individuals with schizophrenia.

After one year, relapse rates were 64 percent for people not taking medication, while they were 27 percent for those who did take medication for at least one year. However, the researchers noted that the effectiveness of medication seemed to wane over time.

Data also revealed that those taking antipsychotics were 16 percent less likely to be readmitted for hospitalization. Five studies indicated that individuals taking medication may behave less aggressively and three studies posited that they have a better quality of life than those who are not taking drugs.

By Brendan McLean, NAMI Communications Coordinator



  1. A patient,victim speaks.
    There are two kinds of antipsychotics the 50 year old tried and tested inexpensive *typical* antipsychotics like Thorazine,and the newer so-called *atypicals* like Risperdal,Seroquel,Zyprexa.
    These drugs are lifesavers for those with delusional mental illness which is only 1 percent of the population.
    The saga of the so called *atypical antipsychotics* is one of incredible profit.Eli Lilly made $65 BILLION on Zyprexa franchise (*Viva Zyprexa* Lilly sales rep slogan).

    Described as *the most successful drug in the history of neuroscience* the drugs at $12 pill are used by states to medicate deinstitutionalized mental patients to keep them out of the $500-$1,200 day hospitals.There is a whole underclass block of our society,including children in foster care that are the market for these drugs,but have little voice of protest if harmed by them.I am an exception,I got diabetes from Zyprexa as an off-label treatment for PTSD and I am not a mentally challenged victim so I post.
    Google-Haszard Zyprexa
    –Daniel Haszard – FMI zyprexa-victims(dot)com

  2. Speaking as a 51 year old woman who has struggled with schizophrenia for twenty years, up and down, mostly down in the past three years, I have to say that the newest drug I’ve been on, Latuda, has recently on the right dosage been effective. I am a lot less suicidal and have fewer symptoms. Thank you

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