Some People Will Commit Suicide No Matter What You Do?

And, in point of fact, several organizations have proven that zero suicides aren’t just a lofty goal but an attainable reality. After a new initiative was instituted at the Henry Ford Health System, the rate of suicide decreased by 75 percent in four years. But it gets much better than that. For two years running ,they have zero suicides in their population.

That’s right. They had zero suicides.

It’s in a small population of only 500 people, but the point is, it can happen. To quote C. Edward Coffey, M.D., Henry Ford Health System vice president and CEO of Behavioral Health Services,
“Pursuing perfection is no longer a project or initiative for our team but a principle driving force embedded in the fabric of our clinical care.”

And they aren’t the only ones that believe a zero suicide rate is achievable. Magellan Health Services instituted a new initiative that brought suicide rates down 42 percent in their patient population of 80,000 individuals. The Veterans Administration has also made suicide prevention a major healthcare priority.

by Natasha Tracy at Healthline

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