Are All Doctors, Psychiatrists and Scientists Lying All the Time?

by Natasha Tracy’s “Bipolar Burble”

One of the problems with the antipsychiatry movement is they assert all of psychiatry, all doctors, all science is lying, pretty much all of the time. Any biological evidence for mental illness must be wrong, because if it isn’t, then psychiatry might make sense. Any evidence antidepressants help a brain must be wrong, because otherwise antipsychiatry views might come into question.

But seriously, does any rational, thinking person really believe all of science, all over the world, is lying?

Antipsychiatry Viewpoints

For the purposes of this article* I’ll define antipsychiatry as the viewpoint that mental illness isn’t biological (mental illness doesn’t exist) and psychiatrists do more to poison their patients than to help them. I’ll define antipsychiatry as those who think treatment shouldn’t include psychiatric (psychotropic) medication (psych meds). (Some antipsychiatry people are against psychology as well.)

Antipsychiatry folks have made their views quite clear to me through sentiments left in comments like:

And I could go on. Those espousing antipsychiatry viewpoints tend to be very loud.


People Want Big Answers to Little Problems

Psychiatry, has issues. Medicine, has issues. Health care, has issues. I would never suggest otherwise.

But the doctrine of “psychiatrists are evil,” “psychiatrists only want to make money,” “psychiatrists don’t care about patients,” “psychiatrists don’t help anyone,” is just ridiculous. It’s hard to imagine the forces of greed and malevolence sustaining a person through 12 years of school. Is it possible? Probably. Is it likely? I think not. (If you want to fuck people and make money, there are easier ways. Some requiring no training at all.)

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