Ben B. Bostdorf And His Book About Living With Schizophrenia “Minority of Mind”

PDF Flyer for Book: MINORITY OF MIND by Ben B. Bostdorf

I’m a writer and graduate of Emerson College in Boston Massachusetts who is under treatment at Mclean hospital in Massachusetts. My first hospitalization at Mclean occurred the day after my graduation, when I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. That was ten years ago and I have struggled with my mental illness ever since, but made much progress under the care of numerous doctors.

I took a course in life that is difficult to talk about. I have been faced with a reality that I have a lifelong illness and this has affected my feelings of purpose and self worth. It has also devastated my family. In the course of the last year I wrote a book detailing my struggle with schizophrenia in early adulthood, and the hope of being part of society and contributing to it.

I wrote  “Minority of Mind” for families and to challenge how society defines mental illness.

It is my hope that I can get my story to those who could be helped by it. In saying this, I do not necessarily think of mentally ill people. I think relatives of people with mental illness would especially benefit from learning the thought process and emotions behind some of the symptoms heard day to day.

Here is a sample audio interview and attachment about the book:

Thank you,

Ben B Bostdorf



  1. This book is REQUIRED reading for all psychiatric health professionals as well as those who suffer from mental illness.

    Afascinating journey into juts how schizophrenia works, and the medical studies that explore it.

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