Does estrogen prove to be helpful for female patients with schizophrenia?

Recent research has been looking into a long-standing hypothesis: Does estrogen prove to be helpful for female patients with schizophrenia? The hypothesis holds that estrogen has protective and mitigating effects on women with schizophrenia, which may explain why women are less likely to have schizophrenia and when they do, they typically have a later age of onset compared to males, and report having better prognosis and treatment responses.

This may be due to how estrogen modulates dopamine and serotonin transmission. Women with schizophrenia have shown lower estrogen levels than women without the illness. As well, schizophrenia onset and relapse for women occur most often when estrogen levels drop in the menstruation cycle or during menopause when estrogen levels decrease. Researchers have been looking into estrogen replacement therapy to determine if it will be effective for treating schizophrenia patients.

Written by Magpie Media

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