Father Takes On Mental Health, Bureaucracy

Mental illness is a disease of the mind that should be treated by medical professionals rather than relegated to the criminal justice system, author Pete Earley argues.

For Earley, mental illness is a subject that has not only touched his own family but has become a lifelong topic of advocacy.

On Tuesday afternoon, Earley spoke about his experiences with mental illness and the book he wrote on the subject, “Crazy: A Father’s Search Through America’s Mental Health Madness,” at Cayuga Community College.

Earley, a former Washington Post journalist and author of 13 books, became involved with the National Alliance on Mental Illness when his son was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and experienced some severe episodes because of it.

“The truth is that we don’t know what causes these mental illnesses,” he said. “There isn’t a doctor today that can come up here and tell us what causes bipolar, schizophrenia or severe depression. But I can tell you that these illnesses can be treated.”

–Jennifer Hogan


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