Cannabis Does Not Cause Schizophrenia… It may Contribute Though

For someone with schizophrenia who has used cannabis, to say it doesn’t cause schizophrenia, I am either delusional or well informed.

I am a mental health specialist journalist, and have spoken to various scientists at the leading edge of research, in my personal quest to find answers about my own illness. I also understand the logical pathways involved in the descent into delusion or conspiracy theory. I get delusions, and like the conspiracy theories I see in my journalism, enjoy picking them apart.

The fact is, no direct links can be shown between cannabis and schizophrenia at present. In an article for another title I spoke to a government scientist who told me that the links have all been researched, and no researchers at all globally are looking at the links any more – because it is widely regarded as being impossible to find.

My first psychiatrist explained to my father that 1 in one hundred people among the world population will develop schizophrenia. You could be the son of Rupert Murdoch and develop schizophrenia, or you could be a nomad in Mongolia and have the same chances.

As someone with a psychotic illness I have a genuine fear of the readership of the UK tabloid newspaper the Daily Mail. To those that believe everything they read in said paper I am not a married journalist and social justice campaigner, but someone with severe risk of murdering someone in the street who should be locked up indefinitely merely for having mental illness. I often end up in combat with them, generally arguing until they get aggressive and start raving, making me scared they may have a knife on them.

I take everything I read in that paper with a pinch of salt. In July 2007 it came up with the unshakeable truth that you have a much higher chance of developing schizophrenia if you smoke a joint. ‘The researchers, from four British universities, analysed the results of 35 studies into cannabis use from around the world. This suggested that trying cannabis only once was enough to raise the risk of schizophrenia by 41 per cent.’

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by Richard Shrubb, Huffington Post

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