Falling in Love Triggers Bipolar Episodes

For manic and hypomanic episodes, participants indicated the most common triggers were falling in love, recreational stimulant use, and starting a new creative project. Other triggers were: partying all night, going on vacation, and times of personal growth.
Triggers for depressive episodes were: stressful life events, general stress, and fatigue. Other triggers noted were sleep deprivation, physical injury or illness, and menstruation.
Triggers for both manic and depressive episodes included changes in routine, chaotic situations, alcohol consumption, and a change in diet.
“The current research extends the existing literature by identifying triggers most prominent in young adults with BD,” the researchers wrote. “Identification of a unique set of triggers for mania/hypomania and a unique set for depression in young adults with BD may allow for earlier identification of episodes, thus increasing opportunities for early intervention.”

Source: News Medical


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