Prepare for Hurricane Sandy: Make Sure You Have One Week of Meds

Other tips:

1. Lower the brightness on your cell phone and laptop to lengthen battery life (in case your power goes out and you can’t recharge them)

2. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter and other phone apps so that you can communicate during the storm if you need help or need to contact family and friends

2. During the storm, get help: Use Twitter and social media, email, text or call family and friends, or call emergency phone numbers. DO NOT make non-essential phone calls because phone lines are tied up by emergency calls

3. Use “Distressed Helpline” SMS service (text ‘TalkWithUs’ to 66746) is avail 24/7 to all 50 states & territories. This is a program sponsored by the U.S. Gov. “Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration”

4. Write down a list of emergency numbers: police, fire, pharmacy, doctors, suicide hotlines (1-800-273-8255), relatives and friends. In case your phone battery dies, write this list down on a piece of paper as well as entering the numbers into your cell contacts.

5. Stay informed by reading news online, listening to the radio and watching TV

6. Stay calm and have fun if you aren’t in danger. Play board games, finish making your Halloween costume or decorate  your house for Halloween, watch movies, read books, cook some soup, make hot chocolate or bake a cake.

Websites with more info about preparing for and responding to disasters:


CDC info for those with disabilities:

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