Helping Kids and Parents After an Emergency–Sesame Street

Disasters happen: hurricanes, earthquakes, shootings, terrorism etc. Emergencies can be overwhelming, particularly for young children. Things can change suddenly, and maybe drastically. But even in the most difficult circumstances, you can find strength and resilience within your family and community.

Understandably, your first priority is keeping your family safe. However, after the event, your comfort and support can significantly help your child and your whole family. There are simple ways you can soothe and reassure one another. Through your routines, you can bring a sense of calm into your lives. To help adults and children cope with disasters, Sesame Street developed Here for Each Other, a resource that includes tips, ideas, and activities. In these pages, you’ll find ways to talk with your child about what happened while remaining hopeful for better things to come. With this information you can create a comfortable and caring environment, no matter where you are, even when you’re not surrounded by your own familiar things.

Your furry Sesame friends are here to help you and your child through this challenging time.

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