New Autism Guidelines Address Nonmedical Interventions

Nonmedical interventions that address cognitive function and core deficits in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) have been evaluated and consensus guidelines have been developed in an effort to improve access to services.

Margaret Maglione, MPP, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, and other members of the Technical Expert Panel (TEP) agreed that certain behavioral and developmental programs and interventions have demonstrated efficacy in the treatment of cognitive function and core deficits in children with ASD.

They also agreed that children with ASD should have access to at least 25 hours per week of comprehensive intervention that addresses social communication, language, play skills, and maladaptive behavior.

“The strength of evidence of efficacy of interventions designed to address the core deficits of autism varies among approaches,” TEP members state.

“However, we feel that the level of evidence of effectiveness of these programs is sufficient to make availability a worthy goal.”

by Pam Harrison

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