Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Saved My Marriage

I thank all the Gods and all Heaven’s Most Powerful Beings for ACT (Assertive Community Treatment).  They saved my marriage by enabling my spouse and life-partner, Sandy to receive her medications compliantly, so she could become better able to take the meds on her own.  If the guy in [a] video…wants to call them “Nazi Storm-troopers” well, worse names have been hurled at family members by psychotic loved ones when all they wanted to do was assist these loved ones in getting into appropriate treatment.

Are there abuses of rights and mistreatment of the mentally ill in our Nation’s Corrections system?  I will be the first to admit it.  And I am doing what I can by writing a novel about such tragedies and the light at the end of such tunnels.

But I will never cease to be grateful to our psychiatrists and pharmacology researchers for doing their jobs.

–Larry Ackerman

Office & Programs Coordinator at NAMI Michigan

“Michigan’s Voice on Mental Illness”

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