Watching the Waistline in Winter

You open the front door to embark upon your regular morning run and are met with blowing snow and wailing wind — your run is now a slog, and a short one. Dark has fallen long before dinnertime, and a lean chicken breast and steamed vegetables hold no allure — you crave a hot, creamy chicken pot pie with a buttery crust. And the weekends spent outdoors in the park, engaging in vigorous pursuits, these are a faint green memory of summer past — now you are trapped inside, planted in front of the TV set for hours on end.

And thus, how easy it becomes to pack on the pounds during the cruel months of winter. By imperceptible degrees, burgeoning fat inserts itself around your middle and secretively distributes itself over your thighs. Suddenly you’re using the next belt hole and wondering why your jeans are so much tighter than you realized.

Fear not… With a little discipline, a little planning, and a firm resolve, you can beat back the wolves of winter weight. All it takes is a few new strategies for exercising and eating right.

by Neil Zevnik, Huffington Post

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