Lance: Keep Coming Back!

Our lives, spirits, and souls must accept G-d’s will for us.  I want to emphasize my deep love for a higher power greater than myself.  I love life even though I have had many hardships and pain.  However, the happiness and spirituality kills all past pain.  Maybe G-d wants to test our faith in Him.  He must be loving and greater than you can even understand, because as our creator we seek pain in order to get to him.  Life is a challenge that we must always work to overcome.

Money comes and goes. In my life it came through drugs and alcohol.  It is difficult to believe that even when you are on the wrong path you are still seeking a power greater than yourself.  Just for today I am 3 years clean but medicated for my mental disorder. As I continue to recover, I hope to take less and less medication. Drugs and liquor don’t run my life anymore.  My spirit is calling on me to make a move.  I realized that my personal power is greater than the call of drugs. I will talk about it to help others. My greatest achievements are very personal to me.  Believe me it has nothing to do with drugs and alcohol.  I’m not going to sell you on one of my cool war stories but I will share this; my favorite part of life is watching friends and family blossom and thrive at whatever they are doing.  When I die I want to know I worked my hardest for G-d and myself and the people I love.  My heart goes out to all but you can’t help everybody alone.  You need to surround yourself with loyal men to achieve self-worth, and I need your support.  I have met many men who learned how to get through life with me.  A friend in recovery told me: “We need to do this to recover. Don’t ask what. Just put one foot in front of the other and figure out what you need to do.”

My mother helped to keep me clean for a while.  I guess its like saying “fake it till you make it.” I have been through the ringer – I think I got a tear in my eye – I’m feeling like a king, because my life treats me so well today. My goal is to share it with all.  I know deep down inside I don’t hate anyone today.

G-d grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Keep coming BACK!…


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