Executive Director Message March 2013

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your contributions and support.  SARDAA has been privileged to partner with local and national leaders, stakeholders, individuals, groups and family members.  We look forward to sharing our tools with other countries, as well.  60 Minutes reached out to SARDAA for interviewees for an upcoming segment on schizophrenia.  We are grateful to be of assistance in providing accurate information, resources and partnering in the challenging efforts to eliminate myths and discrimination surrounding brain disorders.  Your contributions have supported the support groups that help sustain many individuals and families in the recovery journey.

We are preparing to update and add to the Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) member manual, the Blue Book.  We welcome personal stories from SA members.  The stories have been enthusiastically received by thousands over the years and people yearn to read new and more stories.  Stories need to be no more than one page in length.  We will be holding a drawing for all who submit their story.  Please email your story to joe.green@sardaa.org Or mail to:


PO Box941222

Houston, TX 77094-8222


Linda Stalters, MSN

Executive Director

Schizophrenia and Related DisordersAllianceofAmerica

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