SA Co-Administrator Message March 2013

Greetings To All,

Today my thoughts turn to the 1st step:” I surrender … I admit I need help. I can’t do it alone.”

Before and after being treated for schizophrenia I was a very independent sort of guy. I lived on my own, had my own car, and worked full or part time jobs. Despite all of that, my life seemed to be going nowhere.

I changed psychiatrists several times, each putting me on different medication. Still, that was of little help. I felt alone in the world. I slowly pulled away from the few friends that I had, feeling sorry for myself because they were into street drugs and I wasn’t. What was I to do? I began to pray and ask God for help.

Shortly thereafter, I met up with a long time buddy and good friend whom I hadn’t seen in a dog’s age. We stopped for coffee and I told him my story. He listened intently. When I ran out of things to say, he told me I needed to find a group of people with schizophrenia. He went on, saying: ” Just like there’s Alcoholics Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous there has to be a Schizophrenics Anonymous meeting somewhere, and, if you can’t find one, start one of your own. But I said, “I can’t go around telling people I’m schizophrenic, what will they think?” My friend gave it to me straight: “You’re either going to grow or go.”

The more I thought about it, by-gosh, the more my friend was right. I took action by calling major cities in New England and even New York City hoping to find an SA group, but to no avail. Then someone told me to call “Info-Line” in my own state of Connecticut and sure enough they had the name and phone number of a gal who had been in touch with SA Headquarters in Michigan and was looking to start a SA group 30 minutes from where I lived.

That all took place 26 years ago as of this writing. Since then I have started many SA groups in CT and am a Co-Administrator for SA as well as being a Vice-Chair on the Board of Directors of SARDAA.

Believe in a power greater than yourself and have the courage to pursue your dreams and you’ll be amazed at what you find.
Jim C SA Co-Administrator


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