Testing A Potential Schizophrenia Drug: Watch Dr. Cortlett’s Interview and Join the Q & A

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Two of the signature symptoms of schizophrenia are delusions (persistent unhealthy unrealistic beliefs) and anhedonia (lack of interest in once-rewarding activities). Having experienced both of these, I can attest that they can make life seem alternately distressing and bleak. What if a scientist developed a neurocognitive theory that could explain how both of these symptoms formed? What if, in testing this theory, he could offer a chance to produce a new drug that could address these symptoms at their root?
Now on Brain Waves, you can watch as 2013 Rising Star Award winner Dr. Phil Corlett explains why he thinks Retigabine might work to ameliorate both delusions and anhedonia. He also describes his plan to conduct a pilot clinical trial of this drug in human patients.

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