Film Synopsis: Hidden Pictures

Filmmaker and physician Delaney Ruston grew up under the shadow of her dad’s illness, schizophrenia. While reconnecting with him after years of estrangement, (as seen in the award winning PBS documentary Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia) Ruston became interested in the experiences of other families around the globe. How are people accepted or rejected? What is mental health care like? Given that the WHO estimates that 450 million people worldwide have a mental illness, why do we rarely hear about their lives?

Ruston takes us on her journey to answer these questions, uncovering personal stories in India, China, South Africa, France, and the US. What emerges are scenes of profound frustration, moments of true compassion, and haunting insights. The journey ends by exploring the force of change that individuals are bringing about, including actress Glenn Close’s movement to fight stigma.

HIDDEN PICTURES is the first feature documentary on global mental health. Artistically crafted, with unforgettable characters, this powerful film will bring needed dialogue to a vastly neglected field.

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