A Successful Story- A Police Officer and a Person With Schizophrenia

When Cops Do It Right

I just called the county police precinct that services my neighborhood, but not to complain. I wanted them to know that their officers, and one in particular, were ‘getting it right’ in their response to psychiatric emergencies.

My 22 year old son has schizophrenia, the paranoid type. Since February, he has phoned emergency services five times, to ask for help with physical symptoms he’s imagining. Sometimes it’s a heart attack, sometimes his throat is closing, and yesterday, it was to report a gunshot wound to his head that he didn’t have.  He thought he’d heard a group leader at his psychiatric rehab program say,”Who wants directions to Zac’s house?” earlier in the day. That delusion frightened him and by night time, he thought he’d been shot in the head…He phoned 911 to report it.

by Laura Pogliano

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