Benefits of Vitamin B for Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder patients should pay particular attention to amount of vitamin B they are consuming each day. Vitamins B1, B6, and B12, in particular, have been shown to decrease the symptoms of bipolar disorder such as mood swings, depression, anxiety, fatigue, irritability, the inability to focus, and a loss of appetite, which can also be caused by some bipolar medications.

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  1. Robert Frayer says:

    I was hospitalized a year ago after a sucicide attempt. After doing a few panels of bloodwork they found that my B-12 levels were extremely low. I have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder but during that time frame of the suicide attempt started experiancing symptoms that I had never experianced. Such as paranoia, audio hallucinations, vidual hallucination and irritability. After recieving a few injections of B-12 wile under treatment alot of the symptooms disapeared. I now take a regular B-12 suppliment daily and would recomend it to any patiant suffering from Bipolar.

    • Robert,
      I have a friend whose been diagnosed as bipolar since he was eighteen, 10 years ago. I’ve only known him for 3 years but this is a tortured human being. It kills me to watch his ups and downs. He is currently on Invega, but had been on Lithium and Risperdal. He wants to go “Cold turkey”, which he has done before with rather disastrous results. Any help I can find, I will convince him to try. Any advice you have will be well appreciated.

      • Anna Young says:

        High dose EPA (Omega 3) 1500-2500mg daily is supposed to be helpful in the treatment on bipolar disorder. Bipolar patients showed improvement with EPA in several small studies. EPA can be combined with other drugs.

      • There is a place called Alternative to meds center in Arizona. Expensive to go but might be worth it they help to get people off meds and incorporate a healthy diet plan, supplements, detox to diminish symptoms of bipolar and other issues.

  2. Parallels says:

    Good to hear the hope.
    I have been diagnosed accurately with bipolar affective disorder about 20 years ago.
    The depressive side has become more evident, making my energy level drop.
    I can not live like this any more. My energy level is so low that I don’t want to go to the gym.
    If b12 injections could help balance me out, then I need to try that too.
    Good luck to all the rest of you.

    • I’m also bipolar and I know this disease degenerates. I’ve been taking B shots since November and after about the 2-3rd shot I realized I wasn’t depressed or as anxious. I wasn’t expecting that since the goal that got me there was weight loss. After I stopped taking them (it was a Groupon) I fell back into my normal toxic rthymn. Then I started again and after 2 shots I’m feeling fine again. It’s amazing.

      Since a lot of us are also substance and alcohol abusers, we deplete our B stores from that too so we are double whammied.

      Walk don’t run to get the shot, I’m serious.

  3. Virginia B says:

    I have bipolar 1. I am currently taking depakote and geodon but am researching other ways to control it like Ayurveda herbs and diet for my body type pitta vata. I got off the daytime small dose of lamictal and geodon it was zapping my energy. I have more energy maybe a little too much. I was really high today and read people with bipolar should take b12 ,I had to come down a little so I took 2000mg of b12. I had instant relief ! I’m a vegetarian so I must have a defecincy. As for the depression I bought fish oil. I was taking 100mg of lamictal for that. I’m working with a psychiatrist with the med reduction. I need to feel calm energized and stable!!

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