TrustCircle Offers SARDAA Consumers and Caregivers Chance to Pilot New Product

SARDAA consumers and caregivers are invited by our partner TrustCircle for a unique opportunity to pilot their product.

TrustCircle is the world’s first peer-centered mental health network for consumers, caregivers, and healthcare experts. TrustCircle aims to revolutionize timely access to trustworthy community support and mental healthcare professionals by leveraging technology innovations to enable fast, quality mental healthcare to those impacted by any mental health issue. is in its final lap of development and testing. TrustCircle is focused on building a community for peers and caregivers impacted by schizophrenia and related disorders. Please sign-up at

You will be able to do the following:

Find Peers: Users can experience the magic of meeting with someone who is facing similar challenges and is determined to fight like they do. Learn from them, get inspired, take action, and build their “Circle of Trust.”

Share & Learn: Peers and caregivers can share, like, comment, upload videos, photos etc.

Search & Add Providers: Users can add providers they would like others to know about–who can help. Users will be able to search as well.

Ask Questions: Users will be able to ask questions from experienced community members and get answers in no time.

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