To Get a Leg Up, Start Teaching Mental Health in Junior High

Ever wonder why mental health is not taught in schools? Likely not, if you are of the mainstream mindset. But a majority of the population is affected by mental illness.

Twenty-five percent of individuals exhibit symptoms of various mental health disorders at some point in their lives, diagnosed or not (according to statistics from the National Institute of Mental Health). There are untold family members, mates, close friends, neighbors and colleagues who deal with it — not to mention the effect of depression, anxiety and personality disorders in our workplaces and community.

This information is generally just taught in college level public health or psychology classes, for those perhaps needing to get in one more elective before graduation. Wouldn’t it be better if we started mental health education in junior high?

Some children might start identifying what they are going through at home with an ill parent; others could begin to formulate an entirely new way of being when it comes to the stress and tension they’ll meet with throughout life. Many lives could be potentially changed if young people from junior high on began to learn signs and symptoms.

by Lisa Miles

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