Katie Bakalian: I Am Not My Disease

On October 26th, come to Houston to hear Katie Bakalian speak about her latest work.

The Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America proudly presents Shattering Stigma – Realizing Recovery Conference and the Jazz On My Mind Gala at the Houston Marriott Energy Corridor. This conference will feature keynote speaker Penelope Frese, PhD on “Enabling vs Helping: How We Can Really Help Our Loved One.”

Katie Bakalian’s most recent work, I Am Not My Disease, is a reflection on the stigma attributed to those diagnosed with schizophrenia. Struggling with the emotional and societal effects mental illness has had on her family, the piece was driven by her desire to change negative perceptions about the illness. It confronts the stereotypes associated with schizophrenia and bridges the gap between us and them. Bakalian completed her bachelor of fine arts in 3D animation from the University of Colorado Denver.

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