Aug. 28-30th: Ask Dr. Vikaas Sohal about the Brain in Schizophrenia

Understanding Dopamine’s Role in Schizophrenia

Psychosis can be a singularly terrifying and bewildering experience. Doctors have known for decades that blocking dopamine receptors is an effective pharmaceutical means to remedy psychosis, but the question remains open—why? How is dopamine involved in schizophrenia?

One scientist beginning to find answers is the dynamic Dr. Vikaas Sohal, IMHRO Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF. For instance, his recent discoveries suggest that too much dopamine input to a specific type of neuron in the prefrontal cortex may overgenerate specific patterns of electrical activity and thus may contribute to schizophrenia’s disorganized behavior.

Dr. Sohal is an ace at explaining the brain, and loves to do so. Watch his new Brain Waves interview, and then, you can log in and ask him questions of your own. He will respond to questions from Wednesday, August 28 through Friday, August 30, 2013.

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