Schizophrenia Relapse: Real Life and On “Perception”, Season 2

This month we are living with fingers crossed.

Ben has had a close call, once again, with his symptoms of schizophrenia. We don’t know how it happened, but somehow in late May Ben’s med levels began to drop.  We saw the usual warning signs (agitation, self-talk, lack of focus, too-forced interactions, loud and constant music in his iPod, lack of desire to engage, etc.) and yet he kept insisting he was “fine” and “nothing is wrong.”

But we knew. And we ordered tests. The test result? Med levels near to zero.

….On the TV series Perception, neuroscience professor Daniel Pierce (played by Eric McCormack) lives with paranoid schizophrenia, which often conveniently manifests as helpful voices which help him solve crime. In between cases, he manages to lecture to his college students quite coherently and entertainingly.

When not in “focus mode”, though, Pierce is bothered by hallucinations and often relies on his assistant , Max Lewicki, to help him keep his realities straight. FBI Agent Kate Moretti, his partner-in-solving-crime, also keeps an eye out and sometimes asks, “Daniel, are you having an episode?”. And now, the character Natalie Vincent(voice)/Dr. Caroline Newsome (real) observes Dr. Pierce having symptoms of relapse.

Of course, Pierce always answers, “I’m fine.”

That’s the problem – and so it is in our family.

by Randye Kaye, Healthy Place

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