Setting NAMI Priorities: Serious Mental Illnesses? Trauma? Poverty? The “Worried Well?”

Pete Earley’s Response to an email criticizing NAMI:
When I look at NAMI, I see an organization that is doing too many things, and probably duplicating the work of other non-profits.  Just by their website alone, I see articles on bullying, “fighting stigma” through a bike ride (really? is it a magic bike?), veterans with PTSD, and parenting an ADHD child.
 I thought NAMI was there to help the severely mentally ill (SMI), which I define as illnesses such as bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, and their families.  Am I mistaken?  Should I be looking to another organization instead?  Why doesn’t NAMI consider leaving the veterans and children’ issues to the other strong non-profits who are already addressing those important issues?   Then they could focus solely on the needs of the SMI and their families.
by Pete Earley

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