7 Surprising Things About the Affordable Care Act

Oct. 1 isn’t a deadline for you, but it is for the government.

You may have heard that everyone is scrambling to meet the law’s Oct. 1 deadline. Breathe easy. You don’t have to do anything by Oct. 1. But the federal government — or your state — is on the hook, and your employer probably is, too.

Oct. 1 is the day the new insurance Marketplaces are set to open in every state. The Marketplaces have web sites that offer one-stop shopping for new health insurance. Fill out a three-page form, and you can find out if you qualify for financial assistance and see what policies you can buy. Open enrollment runs from October 2013 through March 2014. Some states chose to operate their own Marketplaces. Others left it up to the federal government. There also will be trained “navigators” in your community to help you understand and sign up for insurance.

By Brenda Goodman, MA
Reviewed by Sarah Goodell
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