Increase of Schizophrenia in Homeless Youth: Interview with a Youth Therapist

….I think what really got my attention most is when Tanya said she is seeing an increase of schizophrenia in homeless youth. I find this interesting because schizophrenia is organic and first signs start showing at around age 15. Schizophrenia is not brought on by trauma or drug abuse, but it is often generational. Now I am not the smartest person, but this may give some insight as to why some families self-destruct. It also, at least to me, gives hope because if we had better and more mental health services maybe, just maybe we could fix families!

Please watch and share this important video. Tanya shares a lot of insight on the psychology of youth homelessness. I think my favorite is when she says “youth homelessness should not be punished”. What are your thoughts about the information Tanya shares and youth homelessness?

–Invisible People

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