Margery Wakefield Wows Crowd With Her Story of Recovery

Margery Wakefield“This is one of the most inspiring and heartwarming accounts of recovery from schizophrenia that I have ever heard. Like many others who battle this devastating illness, Marge Wakefield is a role model for her courage, dignity and resilience.” –Dr. Matcheri Keshavan

On October 26, Margery Wakefield, MSW spoke at SARDAA’s annual conference in Houston. She received “The Joanne Verbanic Award” for her inspiration, dedication, and leadership in SA. She gave a personal and deep account of her long battle with, and recovery from, schizophrenia. Her speech gave hope to parents, consumers, and professionals that people can recover from this difficult illness, and even find joy while living with schizophrenia.

Margery Wakefield is a social worker, author, and Schizophrenics Anonymous (SA) Leader. Ms. Wakefield has been hospitalized fifty times, more or less. She says she has “lost count.” She has two college degrees, including a master’s in social work. She has worked for many years as a social worker and caregiver. She has written six books, been to Europe five times, and now reports to be living a “generally happy life.” Margery enjoys her work and is pleased to report that she has many friends. Part of this is due to better medications. Margery says, “The voices are still there sometimes, but I have learned to ignore them. The shadow has always lurked in the background. I will probably never be completely ‘normal,’ whatever that is, but I am enjoying a happy life. And that is the best revenge.”

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