We Aren’t Done When We Are Born–Early Identification of Psychosis Should Be Priority

The effort to identify psychosis in its early developmental stages is not different from prevention strategies in other areas of medicine, noting that much clinical cardiology now involves strategies aimed at reducing stress, increasing exercise, and promoting better diet and other behavioral changes designed to reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease in individuals at risk.

“It’s no different for psychosis,” she said. “When someone presents with a risk, we cannot send them away until they meet DSM criteria for schizophrenia. So we share a common goal with medicine regarding any other disorder—namely, that we would like to prevent the consequences of a serious and complex disorder through early identification and intervention.”

But she acknowledged obstacles and challenges that are unique to psychosis. Principal among these is the stigma associated with psychiatric illness. Also, the complexity of the brain and of psychosis is uniquely daunting.

by Mark Moran, Psychiatric News

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