“Both Worlds” Documentary About Charles Steinbach Now Available!

Charles Steinbach“Both Worlds: Born With Paranoid Schizophrenia” is now available on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital download. Get it Here

Charles Steinbach began seeing visual hallucinations at the age of eight, hearing voices at fifteen, and hearing degrading voices at seventeen. He was diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia in his early twenties. He spent more than 20 years learning to live in what he calls “both worlds” — that of schizophrenia and the world he calls “out here.” He spoke at SARDAA’s conference (Oct. 2013) about the skills and strategies he used to reach this goal, and his experiences dealing with others and being accepted as an individual, not as a diagnosis.

Charles Steinbach speaks to doctors, lawyers, nurses, college students, police officers, and family members about his experiences with schizophrenia, and tries to help those in need. He has also authored four books.

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