You Can Change Schizophrenia’s Name, But the Stigma Will Be the Same

Bill MacPhee, the publisher of SZ Magazine (formerly known as Schizophrenia Digest), has just launched a campaign to change the name of schizophrenia in order to, as he says, “stop stigma.” The name change suggestion is not new, but what is different is his proposal to change the name to MacPhee Syndrome.

Mr. MacPhee argues, “When people hear the word ‘schizophrenia’ they think the worst. They research the word and find the media reference people like James Holmes the Colorado movie shooter or John Hinckley who shot president Reagan.” He goes on to say that when people think of schizophrenia, they never think of someone like him. Mr. MacPhee does have schizophrenia, but he is also the publisher of Magpie Media in Fort Erie, Ont., and a man with a wife and three kids.

by Marvin Ross, Huffington Post

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  1. I’m in support regarding the need of a more accurate, palatable name for the illness of Schizophrenia, which is usually mispronounced…where’s the ‘t’? A Psychiatrist who talked on the radio decades ago correctly pronounced it, initially calling my attention to this. I wince when I hear it mispronounced, along with the ‘many’ times the word is misused in common, and not so uncommon, i.e. formal language, such as things inaccurately being described as ‘schizophrenic’. I’ve brought this to the attention of a number of speakers at various functions, reaction being surprise that they were misusing the word. Put yourself in ‘their’ shoes to see what it feels like. Bipolar used to be known as ‘Manic Depression’, an emotionally charged name, so with Schizophrenia. The challenges of those diagnosed are monumental and we can minimize, or ideally eliminate, the one called ‘stigma’ by supporting efforts to more accurately name it. This need is long overdue. I support Bill MacPhee in his commendable efforts to support those diagnosed, and particularly to educate the public about the illness. He’s been there, he knows, and is taking appropriate action on behalf of those diagnosed.

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