Mental Health Now Covered Under ACA, but Not for Everyone

Several states are trying new experiments to ensure complete coverage, while others opt out altogether.

Mix mental illness with politics and the business of health insurance, add heavy doses of stigma and judgment, and it’s not surprising that providing mental and behavioral health treatment is as complicated as ever, despite promising language in the Affordable Care Act.

Provisions of the new law, along with the 2008 Mental Health Parity Act, represent the latest attempts to provide preventive services and comprehensive treatment for mental health that is equivalent to that provided for physical health. No oncologist would say, “You’re entitled to 10 treatments, and then your cancer coverage stops.” Yet that’s exactly what mental health patients have heard. No cardiologist would tell a patient, “If you relapse into high blood pressure, your treatment is considered a failure.” And yet that’s been the message to alcohol and drug addicts.

by Susan Brink, U.S. News

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