Appeal Letter

Your Tax Deductible donation will:

  • Support programs for the almost 9 million Americans living with schizophrenia-related brain disorders and their loved ones.
  • Educate professionals, consumers, policy makers and the public.
  • Eliminate stigma and foster early treatment – vital in making a drastic difference in lives affected by schizophrenia-related disorders.

It’s time to invest wisely.  Invest in lives affected by schizophrenia-related neurological brain illnesses so successes like the Lewis Family are possible.

 “We feel so sincerely blessed to have the opportunity to know such an organization as SARDAA. Over the past year of our experiences with SARDAA, we have learned so much about brain illness that we never really knew before. The expression “Knowledge is power” certainly applies in our opinion to SARDAA’s Brain Campaign – to educate society and bring awareness to an illness that is real, which affects many people around the world. Thank you SARDAA for such tremendous efforts!”

  • The most severely ill, the homeless and incarcerated are our priority.
  • Many people affected by schizophrenia-related neurological brain illnesses live in isolation.  Our support groups for diagnosed individuals and loved ones offer an alternative.  With your support our groups continue to grow in size and number.
  • “SARDAA has given voice to many of my experiences and perspectives. When I am in the midst of crisis and I am unable to speak, SARDAA continuously carries the messages that are so important to enable constructive change in the treatment of brain illnesses.” Gina
  • SARDAA’s Schizophrenia Health Storylines™: FREE App Provides Innovative Mobile and Web-based Help for Persons living with Schizophrenia & Related Disorders or a loved one caring for them
  • “Finally, an organization that can help change things for our family members who suffer from a BRAIN disease! We need so much support, awareness and a change in direction from behavioral to neurological so our family members can get the medical help, research and awareness they deserve. Thank you SARDAA for leading this charge! A NEW BRAIN advocate here to fight on! Marla mom of a daughter with a BRAIN DISEASE…”
  • Your tax deductible donation makes it possible for us to continue for another year, and reach even more people.

Thank you in advance!

Your Contributions are Vital to Saving Lives


The following quote best epitomizes friends found in FFS, others have found in Schizophrenia Alliance, and our charitable contributors:

“Friends are quiet angels who lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly.” ~Anonymous~


Your donations have helped this family and countless others with their challenges.  Thanks, and we look forward to continuing to assist others in the future.