Yogaleena Yoga Studio Collects Donations For SARDAA

Thank you Nadia Garza and  Yogaleena Yoga Studio & Boutiqyogaleenaue owner, Carolina, for taking the initiative to collect donations for SARDAA. A beautiful studio run by and servicing beautiful people.

Join Yogaleena and DONATE today!

Message From Family Friends Coordinator Mary Ross

SARDAA FFS, Families and Friends, serves as a supportive group for those living in a support role of one challenged with Schizophrenia or related disorders. We are foremost concerned about being there for our loved ones, but also, very importantly, we must be there for ourselves. A couple of comments which I’ve come across which resonate with me are to ‘take care of your body…where else will you live’? And also, ‘I am my lifelong partner…others may come and go in life, but I’ll be there throughout’, hence it is of utmost importance to treat oneself with the care we readily give to others.

I am a nonprofessional ‘health aficionado’, devoting possibly an inordinate amount of time to this in my life, but given fairly good health in my retirement, it seems I have chosen well. Ideas I’ve come across from valued health professionals, and through my own natural and holistic search of a healthy lifestyle, include efforts of transitioning to a whole foods way of eating in place of commercially prepared foods; participation, ideally 5 times weekly for approx 30 minutes in ‘FPA’ a.k.a. ‘fun physical activity’ as opposed to struggling with the need to ‘exercise’; another option in this realm is the fairly new idea of aerobic ‘interval training’ which is shorter in time than 30 min for those of us who are time challenged but likely more effective in preserving health. Practicing Qigong and/or Tai Chi are health supportive in many ways. Committing to get 7 to 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep, which serves as our repair and regenerative time, is very important. Striving to reduce stress in our lives is crucial through practices of mindfulness, meditation which reduces stress at a cellular level, yoga, etc. I find that listening to some classical music can be uplifting during a stressful or down mood. Time spent in nature can be renewing. And last but not least, being sure to set aside time EVERY day to do something enjoyable for oneself, whatever that may be. A favorite of mine includes sitting in my yard with coffee, a book in hand and dog at my side. These practices, which if we incorporate into our every day, will support us and may bring well deserved peace into our lives. Taking care of ourselves is not selfish, rather strengthening for us to meet the challenges in our lives. I wish you well.

With heart,

Mary Ross, FFS Coordinator

Message From SA Administrator by Brian Donahue

On July 4TH, we celebrated America’s 240TH birthday.  240 years seems old to us in America, but consider that China can trace its civilization back 4000 years or more.  What does China have in common with America?  One thing is that there is a SA group forming in China. As SA Administrator, I have beenRead More

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Updates you don’t want to miss!


Thanks to all your amazing feedback, we’re back with some shiny new updates to share and we can’t wait ‘til you see them! Check out your SARDAA Health Storylines app and explore the new bottom navigation bar. Sometimes self-care can get tough so we want to make it a little easier for you. WithRead More

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The Lewis Family’s Review about SARDAA

“We feel so sincerely blessed to have the opportunity to know such an organization as SARDAA. Over the past year of our experiences with SARDAA, we have learned so much about brain illness that we never really knew before. The expression “Knowledge is power” certainly applies in our opinion to SARDAA’s Brain Campaign – toRead More

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The Legal Action Center released Health Insurance for Addiction and Mental Health Care

A Guide to the Federal Parity Law.   This guide explains rights to insurance coverage for substance use and mental disorders.  Answers to questions such as: My health insurer denied me inpatient addiction treatment. Now what? My health insurer will only approve 2 days of residential addiction treatment at a time. What can I do? MyRead More

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Mental Illness Doesn’t Kill, Hate Does

by Dustin DeMoss, Writer, Veteran, SARDAA Board Member and Individual Focused on Brain Health Reform The recent tragedy in Dallas, Texas illustrates a point I’ve wanted to make for a long time; it’s unfortunate and totally tragic that this happened, but it is hate that kills rather than mental illness. Hate for society or academia, hateRead More

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Message from Linda Stalters, Executive Director of SARDAA

Let freedom ring for people affected by schizophrenia-related brain illnesses! Millions of individuals deserve appropriate treatment and the research to determine the causes and what those treatments are.  It is time for everyone to recognize the BRAIN is the most important organ of our body and people living with a brain illness deserve theRead More

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Use of ECT in Treatment of Schizophrenia

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The House of Representatives passed the Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR 2646)!


The Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act (HR 2646) was passed with an overwhelming majority (422-2). “Comprehensive mental health reform is urgently needed in our country, and this bipartisan legislation helps address this critical need,” said APA President Maria A. Oquendo, M.D.  Today’s vote sends a message that America needs change in the mental healthRead More

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